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♡ Magical Moon Village ☪

Have you ever wondered if your imagination could create wings and your desire would sprout from your chest like the most beautiful flowers in a garden ?! What crazy or dreamy dreams would you give life to !? This is Magical Moon. Imagination and dream and holding hands opening the doors so you can know and participate.

A place where you can live, photograph, have fun alone, with friends or that special person. Just for a stroll or to enjoy good music or entertaining parties. Magical Moon is the magic that exists within us. So feel welcome to visit this mythical and fun place.

With houses available for rent (with or without decoration), in a place where the landscape is pleasant, beautiful and natural and welcoming.

A grand opening party is scheduled for Saturday, November 19 (22:00 in the real time or 6pm in the SL). For more information go to the island’s Facebook page, or visit the place and join the groups on the island.



magical moon