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Draftsman is an architecture event that is held bimonthly. Visitors travel through time and set eyes on a different architectural style each round, from Prehistoric to Middle Ages to Modernism. With endless architectural styles, there will always be a new, unique experience to discover.

Including famous brands like: Meshworx, Cheeky Pea, Sayo, Fiasco, Pillows, Cloudberry, Little Branch, Blue Skye, Pewpew!, unKindness, One Decor, EPIA, Galland Homes, Rekt, Panavia, Violetility, and Warm Animations. (This list can change as the event begin.)

Draftsman brings a new and innovative approach not only in interior decoration area but in the buildings. Traveling in its various architectural styles, encompassing not only styles but times. You can find everything you can imagine and wish. From the Contemporary, Gothic or Modern Art.

It will be a fair to behold and the house. talented designers, construction and first class decorations. You will not want to miss.

17-19th – Designer Set-up.
20th – Round Opening.
Each round is held Bi-monthly.

For rules and other event information please visit: