In Bear
Neck Belt: ::GB::Neck belt – We <3 Roleplay
Mask: Anacron – Dark Masquerade Mask – Bandit
Pose: NRage Studio Poses! – Jean Pack – #1<3 Très Chic

In Sophie
Tiara: .aisling. Aspasia – Headdress  – RARE – FCG
Earring: .aisling. Aspasia – Earrings FGC
Top & Sleeve:.a. Phryne -Top&Sleeves- FCG
Panties: .a. Phryne -Panties&Skirt-FCG
Rings:**RE** Dark Queen Rings

Decor Details

By Floorplan – In Store
Hanging Lights:floorplan. hanging diamond

By Stockholm&Lima – in TFC
Tradicional Bird Cage: Stockholm&Lima: Little Birdcage (Traditional)
Fancy Bird Cage: Stockholm&Lima: Little Birdcage (Fancy)
Informations about Bird Cages
7 Solo Sitting Animations
RLV Capture Enabled
15 Cushion Textures
3 Rope Textures
5 Metal Textures
10 Color Tint Options (14 in the Fancy Version)
Gag and Blindfolds included
Materials Enabled
1 prim each
Poses can be adjusted